F-Zero X

F-Zero X Box art

F-Zero X Box Art

F-Zero X brings the classic SNES franchise to the N64. It brings with new courses, new game modes and and a 4-player multiplayer. To start off the courses are very well done, the classic courses or cities remain such as Mute City, Big Blue, Silence and Port Town along with some fresh additions. All the classic courses have been given a revamp making them more three dimensional. Mute City has been altered to incorporate as loop and Big Blue is now a ling tube that racers can race on all sides. Boost to fast and you’ll fly right off the bends or forget with side is the top side and when you reach the start finish section you won’t be able to land correctly and crash out. The standard cups remain, Jack, Queen and King now with added ability to alter the difficulty setting. Two new cups have been added, the Joker cup is now the 1 step harder than the King cup, and the X cup. This cup is a random track generator that takes sections of tack from other courses and builds a new completely random track. Incidentally the Rainbow Road track in Joker cup is a copy of the Rainbow Road track in Mario Kart 64 again without the guard rails and a different atmosphere to match the F-Zero style

Racing has been given a make over as well. In the SNES version the top 4 spots were always the 4 main cars in the game, all subsequent cars were all identical. These backmarkers were just small brown pods that just got  in the way and really didn;’t have any pace on them. That has been scrapped for this version and now there are 26 new cars and pilots that the player can choose from. As before, each vehicle has its pro’s and cons and each are rated on Grip, Body and Boost. a player can choose a vehicle that a A-rated boost for a fast track or a A-rated body for a tight windy track where collisons are likely. Players also have the ability to amend the speed of their chosen craft to have higher acceleration or hgher top speed on a sliding scale to further add to the uniqueness of each racer. F-Zero X also introduces the “Death Race” mode in which the player must destroy all the other competitors using the nudges or by spinning the craft in an attack. This is against the clock and a perperutal straightforward track.

Multiplayer mode is also a new feature of F-Zero X. This allows up to 4 players to race against each other on the tracks that are available or that have been unlocked by completing the single player cups. Those slot that are not in use by players can be operated by computer. If one of the players ends up retiring before the end of the race, that player can enter the “Vs Slots” in which a slot machine will appear and depending of which three identical pictures the player can match is how adversly affected the remaining players are.

This a fantastic game and the 4 player versus mode is a great party game and a lot of fun. if you ‘ve got an N64 this is an essential purchase.


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