Goldeneye 007

Goldeneye 007 Box Art

Goldeneye 007 Box Art

Where shall i  start with this….argueably one of the best, if not THE best game for the N64. It has everything you could want from a Retro video game. It has a single  player element which is well constructed and sticks pretty much the plot of the movie. The levels are well-built and include a myriad of weaponry, some of which are borrowed from previous Bond film such as the golden gun. The single players inclusion of time completed available cheats offered an extension to an already extensive element. Making Bond invisible and planting Timed Mines under troops and watching them fly across the room is funny at any time.

The Major selling point of Goldeneye was the 4-player multiplayer. This still is one of the best first person multiplayer modes around. I still rate it above some COD game, mainly because of its simplicity and playability. The levels are compact enough to keep the players in close combat yet have a depth to them so you can withdraw for more ammo or armour. The weapon settings ensure that all players are confined to the same sort of weapons such and pistols or rocket launchers. The health settings can ensure a level playing field so veterans take less to kill and gives the novices more of a chance. Still the best game mode, by a mile, is pistols or Golden Gun on -10 health for all players as it’s a 1-shot deal. Any hesitation and that’s it, your finished. Of course this will inevitably lead to one thing. Every one will want to be Odd Job. You see Goldeneye multiplayer also includes, after unlocking, 64 playable characters, most of which are from the game such as infantry and scientists. It also includes characters from previous Bond films such as Odd Job, Jaws and Baron Samedi. Odd Job is a little shorter than the other characters which makes him ideal game format as fire goes over his head and this can be the difference between winning and losing. As such arguments ensue and revenge sought. This occurs again when playing the Facility level as the bathrooms only have 1 entrance. A nice fortress to which to occupy and sit out a victory.

At the end of the match after much arguments, laughs and the occasional angry word or 2. Goldeneye offers a little cheer. The summary of your performance. This can be the title of “Most Deadly” or “Most Professional” to “Lemming Award” for the most amount of suicides and “Shortest Innings” due to your lack of ability to stay alive. A little humour to lighten the mood.

Overall Goldeneye is a fantastic game and although the character models aren’t amazing this doesn’t detract from the experience and today Goldeneye is still the benchmark to which many FPS games are judged even though Halo and Call of Duty are much prettier and much younger.

Sept 2012


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