Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 box art

Super Mario 64 Box Art


I’ve been playing Mario 64 a lot recently. I got onto a bit of an N64 kick as Greg turned up with his N64 for a gaming afternoon. I’ve always liked this game and i think it is one of the best Mario games ever. It’s easy to pick up and play and the fact it saves after every star means you can quit whenever you need to. This is always handy if you’ve only got 10 minutes and need to get your gaming fix.

The one thing that keeps this game fresh is that ITS SO FRUSTRATING!!!

…not in a bad way because the controls are numb or the programming is sloppy so you pass through ledges and lifts but because it so simple. All you have to do is jump from one moving lift to another, easy right but you miss it and have to start again. So frustrating but sooo addictive. It also helps that there are so many worlds that you really can’t get bored. Everyone is different and puts focus on a certain ability. water worlds means swimming a lot and, sand worlds and lava lands means you better be accurate with your jumping or the straight up platformer levels which test a bit of everything

This is a great game and anyone who possesses an N64 should own this game

Sept 2012


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